Cervical cerclage is a surgical procedure performed during pregnancy to reinforce and strengthen the cervix in cases where it may be weak or at risk of premature dilation. This procedure involves stitching the cervix closed with sutures to help prevent preterm labor and miscarriage.

Cervical cerclage is typically indicated for women with a history of previous premature births or cervical insufficiency, as well as certain cervical abnormalities. It is usually performed between 12 and 14 weeks of pregnancy and is removed closer to the end of the pregnancy, around 36 to 38 weeks, to allow for a normal delivery.

Regarding the term “Cervical Cerclage Abortion/Medical,” it’s essential to clarify that cervical cerclage is not a procedure used for abortion. Rather, it is a method used to support pregnancy and reduce the risk of premature birth. Abortion, on the other hand, involves the intentional termination of a pregnancy. These are two distinct medical procedures with entirely different purposes and implications.